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How to earn money from Bitcoin trading

How to earn money from Bitcoin trading, As Bitcoin's commission is around 0.07% of the traded value, which is a very reasonable percentage, Bitcoin gives more power to be chosen by investors due to the lower commission paid to trade with it.


cryptocurrencies are sometimes risky, as mentioned above, and this makes trading commissions fairly large compared to their first fiat counterparts, which are trading commodities.


Bitcoin has the lowest commission among the various currencies, as Bitcoin is at the forefront of trust and strength among the various cryptocurrencies.

How to benefit from Bitcoin trading

Fundamental analysis
Even if fundamental analysis is much less important than technical analysis in currency trading (Forex), it has an importance of course that cannot be overlooked in supporting technical analysis in cryptocurrency trading, which gives great confidence in choosing winning trades and making greater profits.

Technical Analysis
As a result of relying on cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin in particular, on high and advanced technology, the work of technical analysts has become more accurate and easy, as the commitment of currencies to levels of support, resistance and trends is often clear and there is no change in it, unlike monetary currencies.

The external factors that affect digital currencies are almost non-existent as a result of their decentralization, with the exception of some obstacles imposed by governments with some new legislation.

Therefore, working as a Bitcoin Technical Analyst is a dream for him.

Bitcoin dealing has a strong and clear footing. If you stick to the aforementioned strategies, your profitability from Bitcoin is guaranteed, as it is a currency that has gained recognition over time from governments and banks.

It combines two extremes that make it an excellent currency, transparency to ensure it is not used in suspicious acts, and confidentiality to ensure user anonymity, which maintains your safety.

Bitcoin, of course, needs a trading plan in the beginning that will help you develop the brokerage firms that you will deal with and which should be selected on the basis of good reputation in the market and provide customer service and technical support around the clock 7 days a week in your preferred language and patience.