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How to buy bitcoin with Visa

How to buy Bitcoin with Visa, you can buy Bitcoin with Visa in the shortest time possible. Buying Bitcoin from a broker site is the easiest and straightforward way, as you can choose the best way to make easy payment with your Visa Card.

Buying bitcoins or cryptocurrencies is very easy, as there are many sites that support this service with many payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, or even Paypal.


To buy bitcoin from the internet and cryptocurrencies (kryptonics). If you are looking for it, there are many ways through reliable trading platforms that deal with all over the world (support buying Bitcoin in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and most of the Arab countries), including, but not limited to, the CoinMama platform and CEX. io is easy to use and intuitive.

We will buy Bitcoin BTC from our bank or with a credit or prepaid credit card because it is really powerful and fast.

Create an electronic wallet to store bitcoins
Privacy and security are important issues for Bitcoin investors, and although there are no physical Bitcoins around, holding large amounts is usually a bad idea.

And anyone can obtain the private key for a public address on the blockchain and complete the transactions.

While it is clear that the private key should remain secret, a hacker might try to steal the private keys if they become aware of large holdings.

Know that anyone can see the balance of the public address you are using. This makes it a good idea to keep cryptocurrencies in addresses that are not directly related to transactions.

If you are charging bitcoin or making a post-purchase conversion for a value, you will initially need to create a Bitcoin wallet before purchasing.

There is no "one size fits all" wallet, different platforms come with different features.

NB :
We suggest using the trading platform listed below or doing your research before buying and selling from any exchange, as many exchanges simply try to steal your credit card information!

We do research on every exchange we list and we are very careful not to list phishing or fraudulent exchange platforms on our site.