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Bitcoin Trading Strategies

Bitcoin is used only through the internet, and although it has no physical presence, it has had unprecedented successes in recent times.

Bitcoin trading strategies 2021, Bitcoin is one of the most important digital currencies in the currency market, except that it differs from other popular fiat currencies such as the US dollar or the euro.

Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin has no physical existence like the rest of the currencies we know in our lives, in addition to being a decentralized currency, which means that there is no specific place, entity or institution through which Bitcoins are deposited and there is no regulatory body for this currency.


And many people were able to achieve high levels of profits through using this currency in trading, and below we will explain to you the most important trading strategies in the forex market that will help you greatly when doing trading using this currency.

Brokerage firms interested in cryptocurrencies around the world reach about 40 different companies and offer different digital currencies, but they all come together to present the leading Bitcoin in the world of cryptocurrencies for its history first.

Bitcoin is the first digital currency that appeared in 2009, and it is the largest market value among different currencies, with the largest growth in its price and value, a unit of Bitcoin started from less than a dollar and now reaches about 7 thousand US dollars per unit. Bitcoin.

What are the strategies to follow when trading digital currencies (Bitcoin)?

1- Financial leverage
It is always rumored about cryptocurrency trading that it is risky and can bubble and collapse prices day and night, and the issue of leverage in this case may be of prime importance to making profits, however, brokerage firms rarely provide leverage in the first place and those who They only offer about 40% leverage ranging from 1 to 30 in very few cases.

2- Long-term and short-term deals
One of the most important advantages of trading in cryptocurrencies is the ability to trade in two ways, long-term and short-term, and you can use this feature to your advantage to achieve your profits well when prices move significantly.