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Best steps in Bitcoin trading

Best steps in Bitcoin trading, We present to you a gift in this report, the best and simplest trading strategy that is effective and easy and does not require you to use only one technical indicator.

The best steps in Bitcoin trading, if you are a beginner in the cryptocurrency field, it is wise to be careful when choosing the trading strategy that you will use on your trading journey. The data showed that most traders lose their money in the long term, and the main reason behind that loss is a poor and unrealistic choice of trading strategy. So, in this report, we present the best and simplest cryptocurrency trading strategy.

As a cryptocurrency trader, you can turn most of the odds in your favor by choosing a good trading strategy.


Best Bitcoin Trading Strategy 2021
Initially, the strategy best suited to beginners has the following features:
Profitable in the long term and uncomplicated.
Simple and easy to follow.
Clear rules.
A reservation.
Useful as a learning aid.
Higher timeframes are used.
The fewest possible indicators.
It gives you self-confidence and self-esteem.

Weekly time frame
It is important that the new trader does not incur large, albeit temporary, losses, as they may damage him psychologically.

Choosing a timeframe is important, and the main reason most beginner traders fail is to encourage them to trade on short time frames.

 Therefore, it is better for beginners to stick to the daily and weekly plans. To find more accurate and low risk trading entry points.

Of course, beginners may not have much time set aside to continue trading, or want to get started and get used to it slowly. On the daily or weekly timeframe, it only takes a few minutes of your time once a day to track your investment.

Best Simple Trading Strategies
They are technical strategies based on the principle of momentum or retracement. It has been proven through academic research that the price movement of liquid financial instruments demonstrates the effect of momentum.

That is, when prices move strongly in one direction, this movement is likely to continue in the short term rather than moving in the opposite direction. And that any movement in the same direction is stronger than any movement in the opposite direction.

When we use this momentum feature, we see when prices break through and head to new long-term highs or lows, so that we have a better view that can be used to make a profit.

You want to make sure this rule only applies to the most liquid cryptocurrency, so it's important to check historical performance.

Explain the strategy
You only need the 7 day simple moving average and the 20 day simple moving average.